Wireframe Bag

Wireframe is a development of the shopping bag that we designed and hand made for the FoodMarketo event in Milan in 2010 during the furniture fair.
The bag uses standard strap and a PVC mesh, and is all hold together with the same type of industrial plastic rivets used in cars.

Every element has been made to stand an important amount of tension individually, so when they are put together the bag becomes extremely strong.

Client: Design Marketo
Year: 2010
Specs: Cotton/polyester strap, PVC grid and plastic rivets.

Client: NPW
Creative Direction : ODS
Product Design: ODS
Materials: Cardboard, rubber, LDPE, bamboo
Year: 2012

Wireframe D-5
Wireframe D-3

The handle is coated with rubber to improve the grip and protect this area from wearing quickly were it is most needed.

Wireframe D-1
Wireframe D-2
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