Salt & Pepper box

Basic Objects is a series of everyday objects re-thought as to avoid any narrative, making use instead of people's cultural understanding of objects.
The aim of the project is to create links with our unconscious knowledge of the physical world and use the collective memory as a starting point to design.

More that design, they are re-designs of things which have been thought as the result and accumulation of actions .

Basic Object N.01 Salt and Pepper box.

A reference to the key clock and musical box, the salt and pepper mill don't need much explanation. They indicating their function through memory and association.
The black key finish for pepper, the polished stainless steel for salt.

Creative Direction : ODS
Product Design: ODS
Materials: Natural ash and stainless steel.
Year: September 2013

Client: NPW
Creative Direction : ODS
Product Design: ODS
Materials: Cardboard, rubber, LDPE, bamboo
Year: 2012


We were comissioned to design a new "bistrot" version of the Salt & Pepper box mill in 2017 for the restaurant at the Ace Hotel in London.
You can find the result of the collaboration here.