ACE Salt & Pepper box

Commissioned by the ACE hotel for their restaurant, the "bistrot" set matches the colour palette of dark wood and brass of the restaurant while providing a memorable and unique experience which complements the food served. 

The design reinterprets the winding mechanism of music boxes and tin toys, giving the object a playful character.

Client : ACE hotel, London.
Product Design: ODS
Materials: Stained beech, brass and ceramic mechanism
Photography: Jorn Tomter & ODS
Date: September 2017

Client: NPW
Creative Direction : ODS
Product Design: ODS
Materials: Cardboard, rubber, LDPE, bamboo
Year: 2012

S+P_Oscar_Diaz_ACE hotel

A version of this set in tinted beech and brass details is available to purchase online at Singular & Multiple.

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