Koa Koa Display

A double grid system using panels which can be used vertically or horizontally attached to a wood frame made with poles connected with standard cast fittings.

The double layer grid, using both holes and squares, allows to hang products using metal hooks ( like in a peg board ), but also easily set up shelves for lighter applications using the square grid.

The system was dimensioned so the panels could be used either horizontally or vertically to fit different types of spaces and display needs.

The grid can also be used to display signage in a multilayered and playful way keeping in line with the brand DIY ethos and products.

Creative Direction : ODS
Industial Design: ODS
Client: Koa Koa
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Year: 2017

Client: NPW
Creative Direction : ODS
Product Design: ODS
Materials: Cardboard, rubber, LDPE, bamboo
Year: 2012

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