Koa Koa. Activities.

The Koa Koa activities are a series of Art, Science and Technology activities for children aged between four and twelve years old.
The activities are delivered monthly by post with a different theme each time. Themes have included the sound, the air, the human body, and the electricity.

Client: Koa Koa
Creative Direction : ODS
Visual Identity Design : ODS
Product Design: ODS
Photography: Paris se quema
Related URL: www.koakoa.fr

sacha chaise aigle droite

The activities are both about building your own toys and playing with them. They help children understand the underlaying mechanisms and technologies behind everyday things while putting them together.
The kits make them aware of the possibilities of creating and transforming things, enhancing their relation to the physical world and keeping them engaged in discovering and building.

Overall, the kits aim to counterbalance the time children spend now in front of screens, and make them more active and curious.

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