Pixo. Magnetic tablet mount

Most tablets have good quality displays, with a very high resolution, but they are often underused. We use either a desktop display or a tablet depending on the context, but never together. Pixo allows you to use your tablet not just as a tablet but also as an extension of your desktop monitor.

Client: Pixo Products Ltd.
Creative Direction : ODS
Visual Identity Design : ODS
Product Design: ODS
Related URL: www.pixoproducts.com
Video: José Gomez
Project assistants: Ayca Dundar, Borja Sepulcre.
Year: 2016

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You may have an old generation iPad laying around, or a brand new tablet that you don’t use as much when you are working at your desk.
Pixo can connect it to your desktop so you can use it as an extension of your current display.


Pixo can work as standalone hardware, to provide a second screen for your desktop, or paired with software
( with apps such as Duet, Airplay, etc..) to share the content of your computer to your tablet in sync.