Koa Koa. DIY pencil sharpener kit

The new pencil sharpener kit encourage children to learn about  everyday mechanisms, such as bevel gears while also upcycling glass jars.  A leaflet with step-by-step assembly instructions help children to build their own pencil sharpener, understand  gear ratios, and how power transmision works,  while giving a new life to an existing glass container.


Client : Koa Koa
Creative Direction: ODS
Date: September 2018

Client: NPW
Creative Direction : ODS
Product Design: ODS
Materials: Cardboard, rubber, LDPE, bamboo
Year: 2012


The leaflet also contains examples of common uses for this type of gears, providing children with insights about how everyday objects work. The kit is part of a range which follows STEM learning principles, allowing children to learn while making their own toys.